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Freight forwarding and logistics services

ANGY ELTRADE has been active in the market for many years to meet the various requirements of individuals, companies and public entities looking for a professional transportation service, a timely and reliable service for organizing and managing logistics.

Our company works with highly qualified staff, specializing in temporary and long-term cooperation and it is able to work throughout the country.

Our company specializes in integrated services for transportation, packaging, and movement of labor in the form of outsourcing.


Organizing events

Every event will become a chemical compound with a magic recipe. Which are the ingredients? They might be an artistic idea built to match; project developed with care; selection of a place and design of exterior and equipment. All these elements will have to promote the main element associated with the event – this might be an activity, product, date, person or service and each detail will be specified. What will be the result? It will be an explosive success.

The event will have to have an attractive power that will connect to the audience. The experience will be one of a kind, so that it remained permanently in the memory of the persons who experienced it! Therefore, our main goal is to give the event a “heart” and provoke and explosive response!

On the basis of our experience and professionalism, we managed to cover all fields of communication. Thus we are able to satisfy any requirements regardless of whether we have promotion of a product, press conference, company dinner, team building, arrangement of an exhibition stand, guerrilla marketing plan or a regular consultancy session.

Import, export and sale

ANGY ELTRADE LTD is a company with structure associated with the import, logistics, sales and distribution of products such as food and non-food products in relation to the GDO (wholesale field) and the retail field.

ANGY ELTRADE cooperates and works with prestigious and traditional Italian brands that reinforce the image of high quality, reliability and prestige of the identity “Made in Italy” around the world. The clients will have guarantees for high efficiency, high quality and competitive prices.


Company identity and advertising

ANGY ELTRADE offers services associated with brand identity and communication related to the promotion of products, companies and innovative startups. We are differentiated by high level of specialization in the field of strategic and creative competencies that will help the identification of the brand and also the guaranteeing of measurable results and compliance with the set budget limits.

The creation of company or product reputation is one of the most complex issued in the field of marketing. The study will always start with the analysis of the position inside the target market regarding the target groups. These groups will have to remember the new brand and start feeling attachment to that brand.  Therefore, the management of a copyright company is not something simple.

The study associated with a potential brand name will require a number of aims that will have to be reached jointly and simultaneously: absolute non-existence, persuasiveness, integrity, simplicity, potential for easy reading and remembering and also originality.


Residential and industrial cleaning

ANGY ELTRADE has qualified personnel, established procedures and technology that comply with the type of the desired cleaning methods. We always take into consideration the protection of the environment.

ANGY ELTRADE offers services in the field of industrial activities and this includes companies in the field of agriculture and food processing where we have realization of specific tasks related to the inspection of the residual bacterial load in the work lines and the level of hygiene concerning the surface of facilities. The company also uses enhanced measurement systems.  

In the field of residential cleaning services we can satisfy the requirements of companies, offices and public structures with guarantees for high disinfection standards. This is based on the method for control and permanent planning of inspections that are coordinated with the Client.

The quality of the industrial services and the established experience present the company ANGY ELTRADE as a highly qualified operator in the field of residential and industrial cleaning services.


Disinfection, disinsection and deratization

ANGY ELTRADE has been operating for many years and gathered extensive experience in the field of disinfection and the elimination of insects and rats.

ANGY ELTRADE managed to acquire in-depth knowledge in the field of certification techniques by the application of modern and vanguard methods and products.


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