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We are with you during all our joint work. From start to finish we perform our duties as true professionals

Universal services

We can help you in every aspect of your business. From logistics to cleaning, from disinfection to event management, we offer 360 degree service for your company


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ANGY ELTRADE works with headquarters in three European countries, providing its services throughout the continent. Our only goal is to provide our customers with maximum efficiency, speed and quality to meet their business needs.

The essence of our company includes analysis, experience, strategic strength, passion, great creativity and a strong orientation towards synergies. The last aspect enables ANGY ELTRADE to provide its customers with a maximum guarantee of satisfaction in all areas of the services offered.


We can help you in any way

ANGY ELTRADE is your universal service company that is available to solve everything you need at 360 degrees!

From staff search assistance services to the actual delivery of services in the field of transport of goods, cleaning, packaging, logistics, strategic marketing (market research, marketing analysis, positioning and asset planning), brand identity (logo design) , coordinated image and brand packaging), advertising (creation of advertising campaigns), video services (creation of company videos, commercials, popular videos and siding), web services (development of websites, applications, advertising on social media and all services of a web marketing agency, SEO consulting, implementation of adwords campaigns and management of social networks), PR public relations (press office and digital PR), events (creation and organization of events).